My name is Bre Faucheux. Pronounced Bre Fo-shay. Yeah, I know. It’s not spelled like it sounds. I blame my ancestors for their strange spelling or strange accents.

This is as much my personal journey of becoming an identitarian as it is a public diary of growth and raising awareness to others. I vlog and write about anything that’s concerning me or interesting me. Politics, lifestyle, society, culture, literature, you name it.

This website is the center. Where you can find all my material. There’s also a separate website for my podcast (where I talk about all the things), as well as my blog (where I write about all the things).

Why I started vlogging?

I fell in love with filming videos about back in 2013. It started as a hobby. I would film about my love of beauty and makeup. That evolved into filming about my love of writing and literature. That eventually evolved into filming and podcasting about current events. The sense of community and the response I received was overwhelmingly positive. So I kept doing it. To this day, I receive messages from people thanking me for spreading awareness concerning the dangers of globalism and the rising rebellious nature of advocating for traditionalism and western values. My journey toward becoming an identitarian was as much as self-discovery as it was a journey seeking truth. Once you start searching for truth, it becomes a difficult habit to break.

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